Friday, March 28, 2008

Blessings come where you least expect them...

For us, finding out that we were going to have a "disabled" child was devistating news. The information available on the web was so scientific and not easily decoded by the non medical mind. There were case studies and pictures and most were followed with the words.... pregnancy terminated. I relished the few sights where people had
posted pictures and experiences of their Dandy Walker children. While I was greatful, i cannot say that I was encouraged. Their disabilites seemed so great and their needs so many.... how was I going to manage the 3 children I already had to care for and another who would require so much? Well, you know the saying, "God never gives you more than you can handle?" all I could think of was Mother Theresa's addition.. "I wish he didn't trust me so much". While I began to have a funeral for the hopes and dreams every pregnant mother has for her child we also began to pray, my husband began to lay his hands on my belly and we would pray over our child. My family and church began to pray too. New dreams replaced the old ones and hope began to be restored and we just knew that God, who does nothing by accident, had given us an amazing gift.

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